When a Bro needs a favor and as payback offers a Brojob. Does not necessarily mean a blowjob
Hey bro, I'll give you a Brojob if you let me see last nights homework.
by Clydefroggart October 28, 2014
Totally hooking up your Bro, especially in a work situation. Particularly relevant for restaurant employees, as they are most prone to offensive language and insider lingo.
"Hey, I cut onions for you."

"Thanks for the total bro job!"
by Steve McGuinn October 21, 2011
When one male friend sucks up to another male friend. Or when two male friends talk eachother up.
"Dude that's such a nice lacoste shirt. You look good in blue"

"Dude stop giving me a Bro Job"
by LadyLady2 December 07, 2009
When you and one of your bros get 2 ladies and get blow jobs in such a position that you can play patty cake with your bro.
"yo me and Jamie got awesome bro jobs from Jenny and Danielle but we stopped early cuz Jamie cums so fast
by wetdickallnight October 28, 2009
How an Asian says "blow job".
Hae Chung Wu: "Did she suck your dick rast night?"

Sai Oon Kim: "No, I didn't get no bro job."
by brooboobs October 19, 2008
The best thing to wake up to in the morning given you are around the same gender. When you wake someone up by slamming an opened beer in front of their face and exclaim something endearing like "Good morning motherfucker!" It's most usual occurrence being on a game-day in Morgantown.
Note: This is the "straight" definition
Sandy wasn't around to SMD but I still woke up happy after Pat pulled that stellar brojob on me.
by ZdubV September 30, 2012
Occurs when two doods, or completely straight guy friends hold a job at the same establishment at the same time.
Peter- Dood, I got a job at Petco.
John- For real? I work there too!
Peter- We should carpool to our bro-job.
John- Totally. Lets save the planet by wasting less gas. No homo.
by SomTawyer June 17, 2011

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