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How an Asian says "blow job".
Hae Chung Wu: "Did she suck your dick rast night?"

Sai Oon Kim: "No, I didn't get no bro job."
by brooboobs October 19, 2008
Occurs when two doods, or completely straight guy friends hold a job at the same establishment at the same time.
Peter- Dood, I got a job at Petco.
John- For real? I work there too!
Peter- We should carpool to our bro-job.
John- Totally. Lets save the planet by wasting less gas. No homo.
by SomTawyer June 17, 2011
Pronounced: Bro-job, as Blowjob.
An oral sex between a couple of gays.
yo, yesterday Dave gave me the best brojob ever!
by Triumphan December 10, 2010
Non-gay oral sex between bros. Usually after a few drinks and a lack of normal female attention. You should try it.
"Dude did you hear about that sweet bro-job that Justin gave to Zach?"

"Yeah it was like totally cool....I guess....fml".
by broseph15 August 16, 2011
The process of two guys recieving oral sex from different girls while being in the same room with each other. It is truely a bonding experience.
Dude, do you remember that time we got a bro job in the hot tub at your ex's house?
by Slowride1992 February 02, 2011
Asian male dressed up as a female that picks up drunkin guys walking home from the bar late at night in his black lexus, and gives them oral sex...Located in Bellingham Washington
8===D (0) Watch out or Brojob, might ask you if you need a ride! Sorry for the people that had to find out the hard way (P*l*n)
by Bham44 January 06, 2010
When a bro gets a blowie from someone with two X chromosomes.
I got a bro job from this chick, then made her make me a sandwich and then threw on my LAX pinny and longboarded home.
by A straight up Bro August 19, 2010