(PROPER NOUN) because bros are mad proper(as in the noun but is not proper as in a prep cuz preps a.k.a frat dudes love anal sex with eachother as in homosexual)...not a bad thing because many people are considered bros but are not actuall bros such as frat dudes (they are wanna be bros they are fros a.k.a fake bros) frisbee is not cool, but drinkin beers, smokin chronic, doin pills, and not sleepin are cool...partyin all night is a must...parties all night never sleeps loves to party but not as much as they love to talk about partyin...for example i love to party thats not bro but bro is i love to party but yooooo im partyin but even though im partyin i talk about other partyin times....listens to whatever no specific music but prefers brocore hardcore(on broken wings, ligiea, deez nuts, dead to fall etc...) and old school rap(biggie, some pac, any song nate dogg is on, and the local artist from there city such as mine is freeway, black deniro, gillie da kid...and others such as jayz specifically black album) does not repeat does not wear rugby tees or mad polos cuz thats toooooooo college and too frat which is opposite of bro but loves designer tees except ed hardy which is straight guido, dego, w.o.p. clothing....loves liftin weights to get a beach body does not necessarily love lifted pickups but drives shitty whips...not shitty but like prior to '93 car models cuz that all they can afford....loves to party, say they pull mad bitches but dont and just fuk dime pieces...everyone is a bro whether you admit it or not because everyone likes to party, talk about partyin, smoke weed, doo pills, fuk dimes, and party.......and is peaceful in general until someone says anything negative then argues to start a fight and usually beats dudes the fuk up(being dead serious atleast what i have witnessed) bro is not a bad thing...if bein a bro is a bad thing then bein alive is a bad thing so therefore since bein alive is awesome bein a bro is awesome....
JOHN SMITH: damn that dude is partyin hard and makin an ass out of himself he is so broin....

JOE SMITH: yea dude he should be on tool academy...

BRO: tool academy ill fuk wit it but im just tryin to drink and blaze all day for free man
by Broseph Jr. June 20, 2009
Top Definition
Obnoxious partying males who are often seen at college parties. When they aren’t making an ass of themselves they usually just stand around holding a red plastic cup waiting for something exciting to happen so they can scream something that demonstrates how much they enjoy partying. Nearly everyone in a fraternity is a bro but there are also many bros who are not in a fraternity. They often wear a rugby shirt and a baseball cap. It is not uncommon for them to have spiked hair with frosted tips.

Bros actually chose this name for themselves as they often refer to each other as "bro" even though they are not related.
I couldn't go to sleep last night because some bros at the party next door kept screaming, "Whoooooo!!! YEAAHHHHH! Whooooooo!"
by J Will May 08, 2005
1. Friend; commonly used in greetings.

What’s up bro?
I vouch for Todd, we’ve been bros since way back.

2. An alpha male idiot. This is the derogatory sense of the word (common usage in the western US): white, 16-25 years old, inarticulate, belligerent, talks about nothing but chicks and beer, drives a jacked up truck that’s plastered with stickers, has rich dad that owns a dealership or construction business and constantly tells this to chicks at parties, is into extreme sports that might be fun to do but are uncool to claim (wakeboarding, dirt biking, lacrosse), identifies excessively with brand names, spends a female amount of money on clothes and obsesses over his appearance to a degree that is not socially acceptable for a heterosexual male. The female equivalent of the Bro is the Bro Hoe. Bro Hoes are Bro groupies that hang around bros, many of whom are actually quite hot and are thus spared the scorn that is heaped on Bros.
My sisters new boyfriend is an idiot; the dude is a total bro.
by Lt. Dungheap May 01, 2006
close friends; buds; pals; comradarie
hey, he's my bro, I watch his back, and he watches mine, we're like brothers, yah know?
by Ilianivich March 15, 2003
a usually white young male, found commonly in places like san bernardino county in california, as well as orange county. always, without exception, drive big lifted trucks, often white. has the name of their crew or whatever in big white letters on their back window (ie, "skin", "metal mulisha". wear: trucker hats off center, plug earrings, sunglasses, wife beater shirt or no shirt, sagging dickies shorts, high black socks, skater shoes or those black corduroy slipper things, have a lot of tatoos of things like stars.
my neighbor is a bro. hes got the lifted loud truck, wears the stuff, and even has a confederate flag hanging from his rearview mirror.
by Random May 14, 2005
A version of a bra specifically designed for men.

Created by Frank Costanza and Cosmo Kramer on the television comedy Seinfeld.
Kramer wanted to name the new device a "bro" while Frank wanted to name it the "manziere". They couldn't agree on a name and the invention failed.
If you're a man and you have large breasts, you need a bro for support.
by RexGibson January 10, 2004
The teller of cool stories; the coolest storyteller.
"Cool story, bro."
by Counter Sanity August 07, 2012
Bros ruin everything they touch. They are deeply racist, yet vulture-ize black culture with attempts to be "down", while living as far from any ghetto as humanly possible. It's because they seek danger, or the illusion of it.

A Bro Ho? What is a Bro Ho, you might be asking. A Bro Ho is also known as a Blouser: "Those girls with blonde hair with dark streaks in it, ugg boot wearing, mini skirt flaunting, too much makeup, a wife beater in 30 degree weather, a trucker hat while wearing the above-stated outfit...and they're passed out after two drinks." The Bro Ho is the favorite target of the Bro, and when he finds this target he is able to reproduce rapidly, in much the same way as a layer of scum on the underside of a rowboat.

But, as important as sex is, his transport (or his "whip" or his "ride") is always a Bro's number-one priority. The Bromobile is central to one's sense of Bro-ness, and that mode of transport is almost always a truck. A monstrously inefficient, raised and modified American pickup that is in inverse proportion to its owner's penis.

And speaking of penises, Bros have also brought the concept of homophobia to a new level. You see, they love play fighting, tackling their mates, and joke incessantly about each other's wieners. But they will claim that there is no connection whatsoever between their overuse of the term "faggot", their intense desires for close physical kinship with their pals, and their own closeted Bromosexuality.

A substantial portion of the Bro population enjoys daydreaming too, and often these daydreams influence the way they speak and act. Bros everywhere can identify with Marshall Mathers, someone who committed identity theft and made millions as the fantasy rapper "Eminem". Members of the Bro tribe like to think that they will also be looked upon with as much respect if they not only act hostile and indifferent toward everyone around them, but take it one step beyond as full-fledged "gangsters" in their own tree-lined suburbs. And if they live life in the fast lane, the way Eminem appears to, they'll achieve immortality -- or at least get more action. Some members of the Bro subspecies find Eminem a bit soft though, and prefer the more street-oriented sounds of The Kottonmouth Kings, who grew up -- like their fans -- in the lily white suburbs on a strict diet of the kind of sickening violence rampant in nearly every white, middle class household. When a Bro pops a KMK cd in his truck stereo he instantly feels as though his entire ghetto is riding shotgun and watching his back.
So, cruising down the street with a cell phone in one hand, ringing up a bootie call, eating beef jerky, and trying to stay in one lane, Bros are determined to leave their mark on society. While some might think they are merely a passing fad, I regard Bros as the
by Shifty C August 29, 2007
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