a pre-packaged bubblegum princess, currently pregnant with a second child. talentless, live very poor voice, digitally edited voice is actually pleasant. all of her songs are written badly(music and lyrics).
- wow, brittany spears sure let herself go. her sexiness sure died fast. madonna is still hot. compare and contrast.

- TINA FEY (back when brittany was hot) "Britney's ass looks good. Look at that ass. That is a cherry bomb. You gotta look at that thing through a hole in a paper plate. Britney, in about five years that whole area is gonna blow, so enjoy it now. Have it photographed as much as possible. Rub it with fine oils and liniments. You will miss it when it's gone. And, as for whether or not those are breast implants are not.. Britney was on our show last year, I worked with her.. and, to me, her breasts felt completely real."
by iznek June 14, 2006
Top Definition
A skanky poser bitch who acts inocent and tells little girls to screw and dress like whores
by Nirvanalova July 18, 2005
A walking Barbie doll, all made of plastic and head just as hollow.

She tried to copy Jessica Simpson's Newlyweds show, and just managed to prove to the world how stupid hollywood blondes are.
Brittany Spears could be the runner up for "stupidest blonde alive".
by fuckitall220 June 19, 2006
Some dumb white trash bitch that can't sing and drops babies, and has a moochin homewreckin husband dat can't rap but swears he can
Sean>da baby< sittin in the high chair
Brittany spears dumb ass comes and picks him up starts walkin and BAM! drops him. she says "ummmmmm kevin, look?" he says "i dunt care Popozao"

wdf iz popozao?
by shwstppn856 September 01, 2006
a. a girl's vagina
b. a pantyless person
a. if your gonna open your legs wear some panties i dont need to see your Brittany Spears.
b. Girl did you see that brittany spears over there flashin her you-know-what to the world
by A.Storr May 01, 2007
A fucked up skank who dances around half naked to make money because everyone in the world is starting to hate her because she shaved her head
Look at that skank over there! It must be a Brittany Spears!
by Blairry October 09, 2009
A plastic, washed-up popstar who shaves her head and doesnt know how to take a joke.
" that girl is so pulling a brittany spears right now, i mean look at that nose. theres no way it could be real"
by channing tatum is MY hottie April 17, 2010
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