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a chav who has no style and wares trkies when she has no intention of do sport and she also copies christina aguilera's style but she does make nice perfume!
just look in your mags
by xerox March 26, 2005
rhyming slang for a pair of cheap-unsatisfying-yet-strangely-popular with-the-younger-set beers
heres two bucks for a couple of britneys
by aussie bob March 07, 2005
friggin bitch that would end up naked on the tv very soon..
Britney Spears is going on a break..good riddance..
by mcflymad December 10, 2004
a bunch of immature kids who like whack a whore poppy bubblegum songs are gonna yell out, "OMG!!!111 YOUSTH GUYSTH SUCKSTH!!!BRITNEYSTHS THE BOMBSTHS!!!! WOOT!!!!!! GO AMBERCROMBIETSHS!!!!!" because they read these definitions
i have no self esteem and i think my life is hard even though half of the annoying kid population worships me and i have enough money to have 100 horny midget sex slaves and 4 robots to chew my food
by GANJAMAN October 17, 2004
a "singer" from lousiana she actually cant sing..shes more of a slut..she likes to make out with madonna anda dance slutty b/c she's a slut..SHE CANT SING WORTH SHIT AND SHUD BE KICKED OUT OF THE ENTERTAINMENT BUISNESS
Christina Aguilera can sing while Britney Spears only sells records for being slutty.
by CABLA August 09, 2004
adj. not a virgin, not yet a slut
Dude you wanna go to Britney Spear concert tonight?
nawww I rather go to the strip club.
by FightingBoy March 31, 2004
The reason I hate blond hair dye, Louisiana(they ought to be ashamed 2 let that girl out of the swamps)& the main reason why I deface every pic I see of her.
There isn't enough words
by Freak on a leash March 16, 2004