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word to describe one who is nearly God-like in everything. this includes partying, being awesome, and fishing/tree-climbing.
(1)"we were in the woods and Sandy went all briskey"

(2)"did you know Natasha was so briskey?"

"no, what was she good at?"


(3)"wow! you seem to be good at everything. do most people call you briskey?"
by Professor Spellium November 28, 2009
a Briskey is a person who is awesome at everything and knows it. they are in many ways almost perfect. everyone wants to be a briskey but not every one is. the best thing u can do is hang around one. they have this ora around them that makes you happy and laugh when ever you are around them. they are AWESOME
(1)"you're pretty awesome, are you a briskey?

(2) "that person seems so perfect. i bet he's a briskey."
by Marcuz Sanchez November 28, 2009

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