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(brin-ner) adj. breakfast eaten at the time in which you eat dinner.
for brinner, i had pancakes with a side of bacon.
by David Sanchez April 02, 2006
Having a traditional breakfast meal at dinnertime.

I.e. Bacon, Eggs and Coffee.
"What you doin?"
"Havin' brinner."
"The hell is that?"
"Bacon, eggs and some OJ."
"It's 9pm?!"
by jgomes87 March 08, 2014
A breakfast dish made for dinner
Hunter wanted breakfast for dinner . We love brinner because we can eat our beeakfast for dinner. Ryder made brinner for lunch and dinner.
by Wolfs Hook May 07, 2015
Dinner and Breakfast combined. It should be between 3am and 6am.
Let's have Brinner this weekend !
by thesidmania October 24, 2015
A combination of breakfast and dinner, much like 'brunch' (breakfast and lunch).
A classic example of Brinner is bacon and ice-cream.
"Yesterday I had chicken and waffles for dinner."

"DAMN DUDE!! You got Brinner!"
by AniMality April 16, 2008
That wonderius stage between breakfast and dinner. Fatties of the world unite!
I know I've just had breakfast, and the next meal is obvs dinner (then tea!), but I just need a snack. Good job it's brinner time!
by Nichole Merrington May 27, 2014
My women made me brinner. It consisted of sausages, bacon, fried spinach, hash browns and fried mushrooms and tomato on toast.
If you treat a women right, you can have brinner once a week.

Do it better and you may score the pooper.
by Bob The Carrot January 01, 2010
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