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amazingly cool person. beautiful. great singer.
guy 1: dude, did you see that chick ?
guy 2: total brinker !
by chickyboo April 04, 2009
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Or Stealth troll. A type of Internet troll who tries to annoy a message board or chat room as much as possible while staying on the brink of suspension or banning from the site administration. Usual methods include saying, or eluding to, things they know will piss a group of people off but without actually breaking any outright rules rules of the board. A lot of times these people will go out of their way to let it be known.....many, many times, to the people that what they say is "their opinion". Knowing 9 out of 10 ignorant moderators wont moderate any ACTUAL trolls as long as they include the letters "IMO" half a dozen times in their post.
by Hic January 24, 2005
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When in reference to a living object, the object is large, goofy, has large hair, and wears loud clothing
dude, i met a brinker in the dance club.

where were you, the disco place?
by BigGoofyGuy July 06, 2004
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Someone who likes Asain girls (Usually from China or India)
Jack: Jamie, we are both experienced Brinkers, what's the Asain poon saying tonight?
by RobYourNob April 23, 2011
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A large, speech-impeded device for carrying tires.
I've got a flat tire, get me one off of the brinker.
by Barbara Streisdale March 12, 2003
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