The bringers are a a group of people from a certain forum, which will not be revealed, who journey through Proboards. They speak out against "TXT tALK", and each member brings something. For example, one member may bring love. On some forums they are respected and thought of as funny, however, some decided to ban them because they are different.
The Bringers taught a local forum about semicolons.
by ThisNameWorks June 06, 2005
Top Definition
the act of saying bringer before licking ones vagina
i said bringer before i ate her
by cmoney121296 March 07, 2011
An individual who isn't quite a ginger, nor is it a brunette, he is a hybrid of the two- more than likely has almost collected enough souls in order to transform into a real person- dyed hair doesn't count
Eye colour; brown
skin colour; white, with freckles
hair colour; bringer
by dyer1 November 21, 2012
one who has pale skin and freckles like a ginger but brown hair
Dude! That new girl is a bringer!
by nothinbutnet2 January 17, 2012
a mix of hair colour (brown,ginger)
i love your bringer hair
by milamilamilama May 17, 2006
One who is excessively ginger and often smells of piss and/or biscuits. Often found lurking at school playgrounds before and after school hours. Preffered attire: Annorak, Y-Fronts
Bringer dribbled as he storked his plank in the bushes
by Soiledslacks July 24, 2003
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