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To tell the DJ to "bring that song back." In other words, to request for an encore.
DJ bring it back!
by TerrorBaby September 13, 2005
Bring(in) It Back: you heard Travy, now hear me, bring it back, bend over, and shake that a** fo' me!

2. The best song as of 9:45 p.m. 4/27/2011 to get some to and to just go out on. and it's brought to you by Travis Porter.

3. Bend over, shake your a**, then Bring It Back on your man, or just anyone. and enjoy it (; and repeat the next night
Yo J.D! Hannah just brought it back on me and I think i lost my virginity through my pants!

2. john: are you gonna go to the party tonight? they're gonna play bring it Ba- (Ryan: YES!) -ck

3. It's not a party if there isn't Bring it Back.
by CrazyAzzWhiteboy April 27, 2011