Coined by "The Real World: Seattle" cast member Irene, this sarcastic term is a combination of the words "brilliant" and "billionaire" used to denote stupidity.
You slapped her in the face on national TV, Stephen? Yeah, you'll live THAT down soon. What a fuckin' brillionaire you are.
by robmillernow July 18, 2006
Top Definition
n. An individual with copious amounts of knowledge.
Socrates, in his infinite knowledge was by today's standards, a brillionaire.
by SnazzyFresh October 19, 2009
A brilliant person who makes millions of dollars.
Why can't I think of something like that brillionaire?
by DimplesNCurls August 27, 2011
Someone who creates Brilliant ideas that can be worth Billions

They are often willing to put their reputation and personal resources at risk, to change their own opinions, and to be a positive influence to others in order to cooperatively participate in creating local solutions that serve global interests and provide sustainable social and/or economic value.
Q-Why do you want to change what we've always done?
A-It is my only chance to become a Brillionaire!

Q-Are you sure they will still like us if we do that?
A-Yes/No/Maybe, but we can become Brillionaires!

Q-Aren't we entitled to have equal rights to happiness?
A-No, but you have equal rights to become a Brillionaire!

Q-Looks like you are down to your last dime?
A-Yes, and I'm only one idea away...
from becoming a Brillionaire !!
by op_position March 02, 2010
Some one rich in good ideas. A person with many good plans or ideas.
Google only employs brillionaires.

"Why Chuck that is an amazing plan! You are such a brillionaire!"
by Alllli-G December 18, 2009
(1) someone who becomes rich by virtue of his or her intelligence; (2) someone who has a brillion dollars (between a million and a billion).

Brillionaires usually are less rich than gazillionaires and less ostentatious than brazillionares.
bitchell started and since it's so wicked smaht soon he will be a brillionaire.
by bitchellspank July 15, 2008
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