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Brill is bro. If an action appears to be bro, it is brill.
Dude, that back there, was brill. I still don't know how you did it.
by Mista Brill May 07, 2009
4 54
British slang for "Brilliant," equivalent of American "cool."
That was bloody brill!
by MoonKnight November 30, 2002
462 88
british slang short for brilliant, meaning wicked, well cool, proper good innit.
That was brill, we should do it again.
by Lexy W February 22, 2007
205 53
Short for brilliant, much like totes
Dude, that guy from Harvard is brills.
by viva2thediva November 26, 2004
40 5
Shorted word for Brilliant.

or splendid or magnificent
That was a brill statement,Amal!
by IdTheKID April 07, 2011
38 20
Did he just barf up bananas from the Banana Sprite Challenge? Brill!
by thatkk April 27, 2013
6 3
Brill - a combination of the words Bitter and Real. Often used when someone points out a harsh truth in a very pointed or spiteful way.
The way Aron told the intern off was so Brill.
by ThadeousC July 08, 2014
0 0
Friend 1: Dude you are such a liar.

Friend 2: Brill!
by ur a tw@ December 23, 2011
9 29