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Used to describe someone who is wants to start an argueement or a fight. They pick on something, this is known as bridging up.

When asked "why are you bridging up?" can lighten a situation, and make it humourous. Therefore, avoid a fight.
Person 1: Why you bridging up for?
Person 2: Coz I know I can put it over you
Person 1: What the fuck do you want?
Person 2: Why you bridging up for?
by sweetfemale June 28, 2006
Bridging up, is a term used to call out someone who seems to be picking a fight, or stand off-ish though It's generally only used in humorous situations, when it hasn't exactly escalated to that point of heated exchange but generally means - Why are you sticking your chest out/ picking a fight?
Me: *laughing* why are you bridging up bro?
Guy: Because you're pissing me off, do you wanna go?
Me: Stop building bridges bro, you'll get shut down.
by nevergaveyouniggasmoney June 20, 2016
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