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A male who is controlled by a female and does everything she says to please her. Basically "sucking up" to her, most commonly to win her heart.
Male: These past few days I've been the biggest pussy sniffer. I've done everything you've said!
by sweetfemale June 28, 2006
Saying something as it is and honestly. Being straight forward.
"Straight out, what do you think of this?"
by sweetfemale June 28, 2006
A person who is very appealing and attractive, esp. females. Commonly used in surbubia Sydney.
What a Machine! Look at that chick, she's got it all!
by sweetfemale June 28, 2006
Used to describe someone who is wants to start an argueement or a fight. They pick on something, this is known as bridging up.

When asked "why are you bridging up?" can lighten a situation, and make it humourous. Therefore, avoid a fight.
Person 1: Why you bridging up for?
Person 2: Coz I know I can put it over you
Person 1: What the fuck do you want?
Person 2: Why you bridging up for?
by sweetfemale June 28, 2006

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