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when a bride to be posts on a friend, acquaintance, or coworkers social media site (Facebook, Twitter, ect.) a comment ONLY related to her upcoming nuptials/honeymoon and not the actual (or core of the) subject at hand.
Facebook examples:

Example 1

Jane Doe : "work is killing me. Can't wait for Friday to come."
Joan Smith replies to Jane Doe: " Friday's the day I get married!"

Joan Doe when talking to her best friend about the incident "Did you see Joan's reply to my last post? She totally bridejacked my status!"

Example 2

Jane Doe posts today : "Vacation is awesome- Bermuda is so warm!"
Joan Smith replies to Jane Doe: "I'd be jealous but I'm going to Florida on my honeymoon in 3 months."
Joan Doe: "stop bridejacking"
by jagen0124 February 10, 2011
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