Bricked is a term that means someone basically beat the shit out of you with a brick or other dense and relatively heavy implement such as a rock or chunk on concrete.
I think James is gonna go to prison if he gets snagged for the fight last night when he bricked that faggot Leonardo. He even made sure to use the sharpest jagged chunk he could find too.
by saharadryhumor January 30, 2015
verb; Bricked up
1) when a man's penis becomes hard.

2) slang for boner or erection
Example 1

mate1: man this porn is really good

mate2: yeah I'm starting to get bricked up

Example 2

boyfriend: babe can you come over for a booty call? Because my penis is bricked.
by AgentAngel August 09, 2013
to be ridiculously drunk
man i got so bricked last nite
by homebrewed June 02, 2009
In sports, when someone takes a shot or attempts a pass which is way off target.
Also, basically anytime somebody screws something up really badly.
Karl Malone really bricked that shot.
I can't believe how bad you bricked that repair.
I tried to ask that chick out, but I totally bricked on the conversation.
by brentmcd October 05, 2007
1. Unrepairable damamge to a computer. 2. Struck out. 3. Failed. 4. To loose in an embarressing fashion.
Our team bricked in this years Homecoming game.
by Demicci Deja Dior-Britt October 05, 2007
(adj.) An object that ceases to work.
That PSP is bricked.
by Bill HIll and Fin Kohan October 05, 2007
What you do to something, or someone, that you despise.
Basically, you use a brick or half-brick as a projectile or clubbing weapon.
I bricked that cop car! Then they arrested me and I went to jail. Now my ass hurts.

Barry bricked Jimbo in the face! He knocked out three teeth!
by Chris Hallett October 05, 2007

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