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a dumbass or stupid person
you dont lick electrical sockets you brickhead
by butter doug July 28, 2005
A person that is known as being simple, often due to their birthplace being too northerly. They will almost certainly laugh too often, in order to cover the tracks of any jokes that they might not get. The idea basically being that they have a brick/cement head and therefore no brain.
"Oh my gosh, Jude you are such a Brickhead"
"Blimey, born with a brickhead or what?"
"Oh dear Dave, look at that poor brickhead, histerically laughing away"
by Katie Halstead February 20, 2008
An insulting slang towards German people, mocking their physical features.
Person 1---"Hey, look at that guy. He's probably German."

Person 2---"Ha. Ole' Brickhead ass!"
by Tuk Toi March 16, 2009
A person with a head shaped like a brick
Jamie: That Luke Brooks has a Square head

Will: Lets call him a brickhead, mayb he'll cry
by Ratboy & Jamie October 23, 2005
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