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A girl with a huge heart and small jugs.
"She donated all of the bras that wouldn't fit her to the salavation army. What a brickman!
by Anita Shower November 14, 2007
7 2
a man who is made out of brick.
or a wall shaped as a man made out of
a structure, like a statue
made out of bricks
he was a brickman
by nicole16 November 16, 2007
5 4
a dullard. an individual with mild retardation. a person who can never win at fantasy football. a loveable loser.
Bill could never win in fantasy football. He is such a brickman.

The women always flocked to Robb for pity as we was a brickman.
by Al Jazeerah August 02, 2008
2 2