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1. "Stretch" as uttered from the mouth of someone, who like the apted-named character from "Fat Albert," suffers from mushmouth.

2. Exclaimed by one usually in the peak hours of his life, as a directive to misguided youth, who may claim to never, ever quit smoking.

3. Can be yelled in response to the original "bretcher" as a threat or show of severe disrespect to his cultural duties.
1. Richards: "Everybody get down and BRETCH!!!"

2. JB: "I'll never stop smoking!"
Richards: "Well, you best bend over and bretch till you bleed cuz I'll have none of that!"

3. Richards: "Everybody BRETCH!:"
Ralph (obnoxiously loud): "BRETCH!!!"
Richards: ".....bastard"
by Kenndawg August 20, 2005
n. a pest, an annoying or troublesome person or thing,
something difficult causing a great deal of anxiety, a beast

v. to complain
His Physics exam today was a bretch.

That kid looks like an overzealous bretch.
by tinesife December 19, 2011
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