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The back of one's head. When someone says something unbelievably stupid, it is often a good idea to show them your normal face. You can proclaim "this is my normal face" and then procede to turn around, or just jump right into the turning around of the head, it's your choice. "Normal" can be applied to mean the back of anything, for example, backhanding someone would be showing them your "normal hand," or whipping out your penis in public could be considered showing someone your "normal ass."
Tim-Billy, you smile all the time.
Billy-No, I don't.
Tim-You're smiling right now!
Billy-I'll show you my normal face! (turns around)
Tim-...dammit Billy.
by Kenndawg February 20, 2006
1. "Stretch" as uttered from the mouth of someone, who like the apted-named character from "Fat Albert," suffers from mushmouth.

2. Exclaimed by one usually in the peak hours of his life, as a directive to misguided youth, who may claim to never, ever quit smoking.

3. Can be yelled in response to the original "bretcher" as a threat or show of severe disrespect to his cultural duties.
1. Richards: "Everybody get down and BRETCH!!!"

2. JB: "I'll never stop smoking!"
Richards: "Well, you best bend over and bretch till you bleed cuz I'll have none of that!"

3. Richards: "Everybody BRETCH!:"
Ralph (obnoxiously loud): "BRETCH!!!"
Richards: ".....bastard"
by Kenndawg August 20, 2005
When a man receives a blowjob whilst taking a dump. The combined pleasure of pooping and getting head has been known to be fatal in some cases.
Right before he came in Amanda's eye, blinding her for weeks, Dack was getting a boston steamroller in the port-a-potty.
by Kenndawg January 11, 2005

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