Commonly known as young/teenage girls with low moral and even less fashion sence. Often drink breezers (a 'soft' alcoholic beverage). Mostly wear a lot of gold jewelry and are sighted near black coloured people or 'wigga's'. Mostly listen to bad music that sounds as if someone caught the tail of a cat between the door.
oooo Breezah oooo *Pointless*
by Nijntje May 14, 2006
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The dutch word for the american word preps.

A group of teenagers, usually not very intelligent. Wearing clothes which the media tells them are cool, usually watching the dutch version of MTV America (called TMF) and sending in text-messages to the on-screen 'games' that are played.

(People in Holland do have an MTV but for their kind of living that's a tad more 'alternative'.)

The actual word comes from the breezer drink sold by bacardi, which has been known to be drunk by 'BrEeZaH' people.

Just like the US preps, they like to T@Lk LiKe Di$ on instant-messaging programs.
They dislike any other person not dressing, talking and acting like them.
i'M a SuP3RsEksi gUrl (A)(K)(L)(L)(F) says:
hI BaBe WhAat'$ uP? wAaNa d0 s0mEthIng tOniGht?!!
by Kls2 August 04, 2005
Also prenounced as: BrEeZah, it's a dutch term for girl's that type words with upper and lower-case characters (like: WaNnA PlAy A gAme?) or replace that O with a 0 (zero).

Mostly this typ of girls are genarally seen as 'sluts'.
o0H LiKe TalKing BreEzah-sTyle It MaKe's Me FeEl H0t!
by mike December 29, 2004
see breezer
bacardi and fruit juice
by boozar February 09, 2004

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