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Pig squeal.

Used commonly in grindcore and hardcore music.

Scene kids use this to sound so hXc
Sam: Heyz

Sally: Hi


Sally: LOLZZZ!!11! Your so hXc!one!11!
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Used in the song "Bree Bree" by Brokencyde.

Refers to the sound that pigs make.

But in a cooler way of course!
Tim: What noise does a pig make?


Tim: I thought pigs went 'oink oink'.

Tom: They do, but bree bree is cooler.

Tim: Ohhhh!
by Llama Lover :) May 21, 2009
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the most amazing mascot for the most amazing band ever. :D
bree bree is the mascot for brokencyde!
LOLOLOLOLOL?!11?!!1 BREE BREE! yer such a cute little piggay.
by DanceNicoleDance! March 06, 2009
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breebree (n) : a made up word by a girl who is fucked up in the head emotionally, physically, and mentally.
What is that breebree doing in that bathtub full of food color dyed red water?
by XxCFerrarixX May 05, 2009
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