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A girl who's self centered and a fake lesbian. She steals clothes and cheats. And her face looks like she got herpes from all the cock she sucks. Needless to say you don't want a Bree.
Girl 1: Ugh that girl is such a slut
Girl 2: At least she's not a Bree
by syngates-is-fanfuckingtastic January 02, 2013
Language used by the secret society of Zombrees. Bree is very similar to the English language but for every word that has an "E" sound in it, it is replaced with the word bree.
Zombree 1: Dude, how old are you?

Zombree 2: I just turned twenty bree on the bree of may

by Stoney Shaun December 12, 2007
A type of inhale screaming death metal, hardcore, grindcore and experimental vocalists use to make a sound of a pig squealing
Example bands: Job for a cowboy and Dr.acula
bree bree queee
-growl- breeee
by bobbarkerlol October 09, 2007
Hardcore Blonde or Ranga.
So hardcore Bree's make scenesters look pretty.
Scenester: Woah that Bree chick is hardcore!
Scenester: AHH IM PRETTY. I want to be brootal!
by Jinku Minku October 27, 2008
The noise a death metal vocalist creates by inhaling/exhaling air while speaking at the same time. The noise is best described as a pig being slaughtered. This very noise is a vicious, yet brutal tone.
1. Dude listen to this kid bree!

by AJR1337 August 07, 2008
can be a type of vocals most commonly used in grindcore music.

this is acomplished by breathing inwards and placing the back of your tounge on the top of the opening into the throat and slowly letting in air while imitating the sound of a pig.
inhales-bree formation
i like to chew on gum,i like to color paint, i like to feel your arm, i like shreded wheat.

(waking the cadaver)- shreaded wheat
by michael nathan pittman March 28, 2008
lyssa and dyer are having BREE in bed
by ashleytaylorr.xx July 10, 2008