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a pointless made up word with no meaning, therefore it can be used in any context.
Ben: Wana suck on my bollock?
Holly: BREB off.
Ben: Ill breb in your mouth.
Holly:Ill fuckin Breb you in the balls.
by sid and flo's mogging co September 06, 2007
a meaningless word that can be used for anything. typically used in group conversations to confuse and annoy people. often used in spam
holly: omgzz
ben: BREB!!!
alan: wtf? breb?
holly: breb off
ben: ill breb on your face.
alan: bye
holly: bye breb face.
ben: BREB at that
by sid and flo's mogging co. August 29, 2007
Noun - cannabis, marijuana
Verb - to smoke said tings.

From Brebis, a French sheep or goat's cheese, sometimes encrusted with herbs - see also, brebbabis.
Fancy some breb?
Where's the breb at?
Let's breb
by mr.bim August 05, 2010
a school that have student who judge people around them by their looks
normal student: I'm a panda
brebs student: You're fat!
by ursus hippopotamus February 08, 2012
breb - a way of saying 'brb'
1: Hey
2: heya
2: breb
1: what?
2: lol
2: means brb
by cros February 19, 2009
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