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An evil and irate man who bakes bread. He will not rest until all the peoples of the earth feast upon his multi-seeded bread, toasted, with raspberry jam. He flits like a ghost between the racks of bread in his bakery and browbeats his assistants when they attempt to - as he perceives it - undervalue his produce.
I saw the Breadman today. He's baked a gingerbread man that looks just like me, and it's hanging above the shelf. I'm scared.
by breadmanalert September 18, 2007
The result of people who forget to put ginger in gingerbread.

Poor, lonely breadmen.
"Bethany made gingerbread men, but didn't put any ginger in them"
"So they're just breadmen?"
"Poor things."
by PsychoticHan December 06, 2006
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