Mocking chavs/'gangstas'/rude boys/rude girls when they use their slang like 'bredrin'.
chav: we own dis turf blud me and my bredrins wil shank u lyk dis cos we r greeaaazy bruv!11111 wat ya up 2 in da hoood?
normal person: Uhm. Me and my breadbins were, like... SHANKING our grannies and begging for 10ps from random people. Because we are true Gs. Yer...
by yaazzzz June 20, 2007
Top Definition
people making fun of "bredrin"
what is up my breadbin, be you hanging in thy hood?
by michael January 24, 2004
1) a " bin " used to stash bread in, usualy have a degree of airtightness to stop the bread going stale.
2) another way of saying bredrin usualy for comedy, ie takeing the piss out of people who say bredrin.
"oy bredrin get of my turf"
"did you just call me a breadbin? STUPID! at least my mums not PINGU!"
by Richard W October 04, 2005
Piss take of the word "Bredrin"
yo, bread bin
by James December 24, 2003
1. a place to store bread
2. a fat person who eats breadbins/bread
3. your homie
4. primrose (oil)
5. cling film not foyle
"yo my breadbin wassup"
"yo man you're so breadbin its disgusting"
by Sean Foyle January 05, 2008
a close friend almost a brother
your my breadbin, breadbin
by jack February 27, 2004
what townies say to each other
yeh man innnit, my breadbin
by prettyugly November 21, 2004
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