A lame excuse for a definition used on Urban Dictionary for people who talk about how they need to take a shit, or how their friends leave them while online while saying they'll be back. Here's alittle tip, fuckers, people who don't already know what the acronym stands for should be burned at the stake. It's the easiest one ever. Also, if your friends get offline by seeing they'll be back, then they are not your friends, they are just retards, and most likely, at school, if they do go to school with you and you didn't meet you in a chat room and are most likely pedifiles, then they are going to say something like "I got caught up in something else," which is just underbreath speak for, "I don't like you, don't you get it you retarded monkey? I mean, you never gave me Respect Knuckles once." (I love shameless plugs). Oh, to all you other morons, nobody wants to hear about how you have to take a shit.
"And lo, the Great Omega Master hath ingested that of a bean burito and is as noisy as ever. Thus, the great foe the beans have made, for they have forsaken me with the urge to feel what is coming out of thine anus. Alas, I must BRB to once again take on my greatest nemesis, the Crapier. This will take an obscenely long time." *Signs Offline*-The Omega Master
by -The Omega Master February 08, 2005
In certain choirs, it stands for "Back Row Basses"
Those guys are BRBs.
by John May 23, 2004
Be Right Back.

Can also mean Bathroom Break. o.O
Do I really need to put an example here?
by Silver January 18, 2004
"be right back" *block block block*
ill brb

*doesnt come back*
by w00t November 25, 2003
be right back
i well brb in 1 hour
by iloveyouu!<3 July 01, 2009
stand for Bus Ride Boner.

you know, the ones you would get riding the bus to school because of all the vibrations?
Dude, i had the biggest brb today in front on Emily
by gunslinger19 September 15, 2008
code to play with ones self
i put a sign on my door when i am brbing
by Trixy. December 03, 2006

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