Braxton (female)- a sexy, takes no bullshit type of girl. Always has the best comebacks and doesn't take shit off of any one. Braxton is the type of girl to lead you on and then break you off. Braxton is stunningly beautiful and makes all heads turn. She could easily be the queen bee at school but stays low profile because she doesn't like drama and is very chill. Braxton has expensive taste and is very hard to please. She hangs around all types of people but secretly doesn't like any of them. She's hardcore but soooo worth it!!
Max- Dude look at that girl over there!!
Jack- Ya bro, she's hot but is she a Braxton?
by namedefs November 22, 2015
Someone trying to be proper to the point of being an idiot.
Like Braxton on the Jamie King Show.
Hey, don't being gettin' all Braxton on me.
#proper #brax #smart #ass #idiot
by B4Ugo KMA July 28, 2010
One of those so-called nice guys who is semi-attractive but is so scared of commitment, confrontation and what others think that he starts turning into more of a chick than you are. Pretty much a loser all around. Will break up with you due to peer pressure, date a whore who happens to be your worst enemy, and then come crawling back.
Girl 1- my bf's friends keep trying to get him to dump me, and he's listening!!
Girl 2- Ooooo sounds like a Braxton... better jump off that train before it derails
#braxten #douche #whore #loser #spineless #weak #little boy #dating #girlfriend
by ihavenolife444 June 23, 2013
a hermaphrodite's penis; as in Toni Braxton's penis (she was born with one, in case you were wondering)
"I thought she was cute and I took her home where she revealed her veiny, throbbing braxton."

-George Bush, from "Decision Points"
#wang #dong #schlong #donker #chonger surprise #female cock
by gerard depardieu November 20, 2010
A person, but also used by residents of a small town in southern Pennsylvania to describe a situation in which someone performs sexual activities with a girl that is below the legal age in which case deeming them to be taking part in pedophile-like activities.

You don't want to be known as a Braxton.
Tom: "Dude, I hooked up with this girl at a party last night, she was only 13."

Jerry: "That's fucked up, so you pulled a Braxton?"

Tom: "Totally."
#pedophile #teeny #bopper #young #sick
by SayNoToPedobear July 20, 2011
A parson who's life goal is to be known as chill but doing so makes him vary not chill and may living California.
hey wasn't that chill of me to give you that? Shut up Braxton.
#fag #a person who anoyes you #ignerant #only good at one thing breathing #stupid #peace of shit
by Josh GRA July 10, 2008
The new and handsome addition to the lives of Ted & Ed

Braxton is the hardest 1 Year Junglist I've seen to date.
by FungusUpon A Time... December 17, 2004
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