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1. A girl or woman with an incredible body and face, but has a incredibly annoying way of talking about herself at all times.

2. A girl or woman who has an incredibly smoking hot body/face, but makes you want to stab your eyes out when her mouth opens because it's all about her...all the time.
1. Jon G: "dude, look at this girl at the end of the bar, she's incredible!!"

Jay: "yeah, but all she says is that she's hot and deserves a sugar daddy, fucking bratter-face"

2. Edwards: "i think i can hook you up with melanie bro, she's face-meltingly hot."

Daniel: "can you hook me up with some horse-tranquilizer as well?? i'm going to need it for pillow-talk."
by concussionme August 24, 2009
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