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A Blood Gang call which is supposed to be the sound of a gun. Another form is "blat" which stands for "Blood Land And Territory". It's redundant because the people who came up with it are stupid.
Doggy: Whatchu claimin nigga?
Gangsta: Bratt braaaaaaaat, sooowoop.
Doggy: That's that Blood Gang!
by skudge the skrobohunter December 29, 2007
Often used in homosexual or slash fanfiction, Bratt is a nickname given to the pairing of Avenged Sevenfold front-man M. Shadows and lead guitarist Synyster Gates.
Synacky is way better than Bratt.
by scuzzbucket October 25, 2008
1) Farting

2) A noisy fart
You: What’s goin’ on?
Me: Just sittin' around listening to my butt call me a bratt.

Me: What the hell was that?
You: My butt callin’ me a bratt.
by Bee to da' A March 10, 2008

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