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A profound example of a mockumentary on TV in Britain in 1996 - a series of 6 documentaries covering such topics as Drugs (featuring a bogus drug called Cake), Good Science/Bad Science (featuring an appeal to protect people from "heavy" electricity falling out of overhead wires and squashing people!) and one special mocking the media frenzy surrounding paedophile stories. They are available on DVD and video and are totally worth a look.
Just like Bill Clinton said "I smoked marijuana but i did not inhale" the host of Brass Eye, Chris Morris said "I took ecstasy once, but i didn't swallow it!"
by Andrew Ferenbach February 05, 2004
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Classic mid 90's British Comedy written and staring Chris Morris. Pretense for show is spoof news documentary on controvertial modern day issues such as Science, Drugs and most famously Paedophilia. Many celebs were roped into the show and then made to look very silly. Richard Blackwood told viewers about the dangers of special Paedophile keyboards that excrete the smell of a child when used. ROlf Harris spoke of the dangers of "Cake" - a Czech originated drug that makes users necks swell so much it eventually suffocates them. Genius.
Man - Did you see Brasseye last night?
Man 2 - Sure did, twas ace.
Man - Certainly was.
by Mister Pea September 26, 2006
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A six episode series from the 90's satirising many social issues starring chris morris. caused a cufuffle among the snobs in society as it touches on the more amusing side of paedophilia in one of the episodes.
"the teletubbies is mucholy boring, let us partake in the viewing of brass eye"
by hixy March 14, 2005
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A brass is slang for an ass hole.
Clinton is a brass eye.
by Steve Higgins August 09, 2004
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