Brass monkey is the perfect hangover drink. It is proven to cure any kinds of morning afters. Basically it consists of 0.25 part of Orange juice added to 0.75 part of beer. Any kind you like, seriously at this point, who cares? Beer and OJ can also be consummed in a good ammount. Be careful, in a case of tequila hangover, wich might not be that bad, brass monkeys will feel very normal and WILL get you drunk in the morning. Just take that in consideration.
Example No1
-Brass monkey?

Example No2 (most common one)
-Still got beers?
-yep a couples.
-Got orange juice?
-Should we mix them together?
-YEAH!! Let's call that a Brass Monkey!!
-It's on.
by Nothingtodo01 January 28, 2012
a derek short that is monkey like...has an extremely large cock n balls...likes to make monkey noises in mrs gnaus biology class.. Loves to get his d wet
by RODRIGO BAJO April 08, 2009
Referring to very harsh or severe weather
Cor luv a duck, its brassmonkey weather.


Its cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey.
by pillock September 24, 2004
When something (usually an action, circumstance, or conversation) becomes odd, weird, bad, or funky it is referred to as 'Brass Monkey'.
1. "While I was up to bat, the pitcher threw me the most brass monkey curve ball I have ever seen!"

2. P1: "I just saw a mailbox shoot a boy!"

P2: "Wow, that is brass monkey."
by T.H.E.Jasper April 28, 2010
used as an adjective describing extreme cold temperatures

from the adage "cold enough to freeze the balls off of a brass monkey"

A: Wanna go out for a walk?
B: No way, man, it's brass monkeys out there!
by cyberpope67,BC,Canada January 24, 2008
another way of describing an amazing hand job. also a nickname given by a couple in OC
Boy: Hey babe, what are we gonna do tonight?

Girl: I don't know, I haven't given you a brass monkey in a while

Boy: Oooooh, sounds good *whips out KY*
by OClovers April 05, 2009
you give someone a brass monkey when your hands are cold from either dipping them in ice water or holding a cold beer and then cup their genitalia in your freezing palms.
i totally snuck up behind tom and gave him a brass monkey after holding that cold one all night
by luckyfemur May 18, 2009

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