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To "brass knuckle" someone is to fist them, either vaginally or anally, whilst wearing many rings on the hand used to perform the act.

It is suprisingly common in some rather extreme underground uk bdsm clubs, many of which reside in Soho, London.

"Brass Knuckling" is a chain of people all performing a Brass Knuckle upon one another.

A double brass knuckle is referred to as "getting brassed"
1.) I went to the club the other night and some guy was getting brass knuckled in the corner.

2.) - "My vagina hurts"

- "Probably because you got brass knuckled last night."

3.) "Her vagina is very wide, I bet she could take my brass knuckle"
by TheKnuckler July 07, 2012
3 4
when you're getting a handjob and you cum streams down their knuckles.
"I told her, 'Either lick up or go wash off those Brass Knuckles, please'"
by Todd McTodd October 22, 2009
3 10
1)fuck a girl
2)pull out
3)jerk it
4)let your cum drip down your knuckles
5)punch the girl in the face
girlfriends brother talking to husband-"yo nigga! whys my sisters face all bruised and bloody???"

husband-"oh that...yeah i gave her the brass knuckles last night."
by thebigblackjudge August 19, 2010
8 30
A weapon in first, third and second-type shooter games that blows entire scrotum-fulls of nutsacks.
Brass knuckles blow nutsacks. I don't even know why they put them in GTA. I want the chronoscepter, nigga.
by sux0r February 03, 2008
8 42
When, while having sex with a girl, you cum onto your knuckles and or front of your fingers and then slug that bitch in the face.
"I gave that bitch the brass knuckles"
by YenDollarEuro March 17, 2008
24 61