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Who ever wrote the other definitions needs his/her diaper changed.

1) A high school in San Jose ran by a unique staff, weird as hell at times, some of them are kinda shitty teachers but for the most part they fuckin try at least.
2) The rock was a senior prank, it's a tradition now. Get used to it.
3) Like any other highschool it has jocks, gangsters emos, goths, sluts, nerds, etc. So fucking get over the fact we're diverse.
4) Who ever wrote the other definitions is a cock sucking little shit fuck, that doens't know how fucking good he/she has it.
5) Cheerleaders are just some girls trying to do what every one else does. So get the fuck off their backs.
6)The girls at branham are a little shallow but so is everyone else.
7) Branham is better than Pioneer or Leigh, fuck those schools.
8)If you think it's such a shitty school, do something about it.
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A school in San Jose which many people misconstrue as being ghetto. Most likely because it is not as rich and nice as other schools in the area, and possibly because it is somewhat near East San Jose. In all honestly there are only a few schools in San Jose that can be termed as "ghetto", but even then it does not compare to places like Oakland or East Palo Alto.
Kid 1:Hey I go to a ghetto school in San Jose called Branham.
Kid 2: Isn't San Jose every year voted near the top of the safest cities in America?
Kid 1: True, but we don't get as much funding as other schools, and our school is 20 percent Hispanic (70 percent white,10 percent Asian), and if you go down Branham Lane (the street Branham High is on) for like 5 miles it turns into East San Jose so it must be a ghetto school.
by egrsdhwhrs September 12, 2008
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1) A high school in north california ran by pussies that get bossed around by their inferiors(ie.pose/utic)which has never been ghetto in its entirety, although many ignorant students claim it is so.
2) The rock was left there because our staff is lazy. Mr pose is like Mr. Mackey from South Park when students paint "objects other than the rock m'kay"
3) 30% jocks/sluts, 5% fags that wear girlpants and eyeliner, 10% wannabe gangsters with dresses for shirts,
10% ASB administration plotting a new conspiracy to wrig the NEXT homecoming and the NEXT senior parking, and to totally jew everyone else right in front of their eyes. 2.5% black people, thank god. 2.5% library nerds. 5% dumb girls that get laughed at for crying that every guys a player. 5% guys doing the laughing 4% malcontents like you and i, and 10% people that cant do math because our math teachers are lousy lazy losers.
4) Our Highschool Oh what? Oh shut the fuck up! Leave the stupid cheers for the cheerwhores, hollywood.
5) Nobody cares about the cheerleaders until the afterparties.
6) Badminton is gay and played by all asians. i get charged 10 fucking cents for printing paper out? its a school ran by cheap jewbags.
7) girls bathrooms with threats written to other girls, and mens bathrooms where katie fucked two black men in one day in.
8) 10% of the guy population is gay if you count our staff, and the other 90% are jackasses and love it.
9) 90% of the girl population are dirty sluts, or wannabe dirty sluts, 10% are prude feminazis that may come accross a bisexual male every now and then.
branham is a crossbreed between Leigh and Pioneer.
by Branhams_Most_Hated November 05, 2006
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1) a ghetto highschool in northern california.
2) featuring our landmark "the rock" ooh yea wer bad
3) 40% Preps/Jocks, 40% Gangsters, 10% Scene/emo kids, and 10% Loners/Nerds
4) Our Highschool Oh what? 08!
5) The school with the most annoying, fattest, sluttiest, handicapped, sucky, ugly, poser cheerleaders.
6) Cheap School, that cant even afford more then 12 badmitton rackets for a class of 50
7) Old crust bathrooms with toilets that spray you and doors that dont close with ants on the toilet seats
8) 99% of the guy population are players and jerks, the other 1% are gay.
9) 80% of the girl population are dirty sluts, or wannabe dirty sluts, 10% of the girls wont get a first date until their late 40's, and the last 10% are nice girls like us that just get walked all over by the players and jerks.
"Like omg Branham is so lame, whats with all the vally girls? And why does the ground shake when the cheerleaders cheer?!"
by Zucchini_lover October 13, 2006
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