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1) a ghetto highschool in northern california.
2) featuring our landmark "the rock" ooh yea wer bad
3) 40% Preps/Jocks, 40% Gangsters, 10% Scene/emo kids, and 10% Loners/Nerds
4) Our Highschool Oh what? 08!
5) The school with the most annoying, fattest, sluttiest, handicapped, sucky, ugly, poser cheerleaders.
6) Cheap School, that cant even afford more then 12 badmitton rackets for a class of 50
7) Old crust bathrooms with toilets that spray you and doors that dont close with ants on the toilet seats
8) 99% of the guy population are players and jerks, the other 1% are gay.
9) 80% of the girl population are dirty sluts, or wannabe dirty sluts, 10% of the girls wont get a first date until their late 40's, and the last 10% are nice girls like us that just get walked all over by the players and jerks.
"Like omg Branham is so lame, whats with all the vally girls? And why does the ground shake when the cheerleaders cheer?!"
by Zucchini_lover October 13, 2006

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