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spoonerism of trampbag. meanin a bag of tramps or a trampy bag ( gravys)
dan :charlie how did u get inside that trampbag ,
charlie:dno sum bramptag jus let me in
dan : kool lk over there theres a tag of bramps !!
charlie : o yeh lets get em hux !!!
dan: u cumin nana ?
nana: nah my hips fallin out
charlie ; tie a bramptag around ur weist to keep it in place then
nana: gr8 idea but theres no point by the time i get the bramptag around my weist idve died of old age
dan: gutted mate !!!
charlie: im gunna av a wank on ya grave den sperm in your perm
nana : gd luck wen i die im gunna tie a bramptag over my head so no1 can jizm on my hair
charlie : well wat about the tramps inside the bag thats on your head
dan: char he means a
#spoonerism #jizm #bramptag #tramp #bag #trampbag #fleaball #nana
by nigel simpson June 13, 2007
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