A sudden rush of short-lived intellect, intelligence, or insight on a matter or idea.
He thought about the girl and had a braingasm of poetry.
by newbiedoo December 23, 2008
An unintentional orgasm without any real stimulation so it's all in your mind.
"Oh emm gee. I totally just had a brain gasm while laying down infront of the fan watching t.v."
by Lizbo June 12, 2008
A pleasurable tingle one experiences on the scalp. Has other meanings
She had a braingasm when she thought about candy.
by Casandraelf June 08, 2009
This is an orgasm of the brain, when you want to "bust a nut" but not really, being overly happy when a straight friend helps you out.
Will helped me figure out that I didn't need to pay an HVAC guy 100 bucks for a tripped fuse when I thought my AC unit shit the bed, I had a Braingasm right there on the spot!
by Tiger6513 August 31, 2010
Brain fantasies
Sasha had a braingasm while talking to her boyfriend mark on the phone.
by Cenik August 02, 2008

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