To brain rape or be brain raped

When a person influences another person's thoughts or dreams eg A person whistles a tune in proximity of another person and later that person has the tune stuck in their head.

Also when a person talks about a subject to another person and later that night the person dreams about the subject.
"Remember when you were talking about robots yesterday? Well last night I had weird dreams about robots. You totally brain raped me!"
by FinkFoxboro December 06, 2013
When something someone encounters causes so much thinking/confusion that the person feels violated.
Math problem: Betty leaves her purse in a store at the mall and averages 36 mi/h on her way home to Glenville, 140 miles away. Honest harry discovers her purse and starts after her one hour later. If he averages 48/h, how long will it take him to catch betty? Will he catch her before she reaches Glenville?

Jim: Dude, I think I just got brain raped.
by saraxkittyxasri December 08, 2010

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