A term describing individuals that give you a headache as soon as they open their mouths.
Eric and Ed, two people that practically vomit idiocy with every uttered word, are textbook examples of Brain Freezes.
by Gerald Busey March 04, 2008
When you do pure cocaine nasally and your face goes completely numb. Also, if you do cocaine sprayed with novocaine or cut with lidocaine.
Riff Raff - Ice on my ear....give me brain freeze.
by Loki420 December 29, 2012
The act of sticking your penis in a woman's ear and icing into her brain cavity
"Yeah my girlfriend still wants to stay celibate but that doesn't include ear sex, so i gave her a Brain Freeze"
by mnm7431 June 04, 2011
brain freeze a medically regonized condition in the uk and some american states. brain freeze occurs when someone perhaps drinks to muchof an ice cold drink.

pepople get head aches and sometimes feel sick when and afetr experiencing brainfreeze.
jon:ahhhhhhhhhh brain freeze!
mike:have a coffee or a latte
by jimbo123. January 06, 2009
slang for {ice cram headache}. the burning, stabbing, painful feeling in the front portion of your head that you get after ingesting a large amount of ice cram or some other cold substance in a short period of time.
Holy shit, I ate my whole damn ice cream cone from Carl's in 30 seconds and my head is fucking exploding!!!
by Matilda Small May 31, 2005
when one decides to spice up oral sex, the female places 3 ice cubes in her mouth and begins to give the man oral pleasure.
Wait honey, do you want to try "brain freeze" this time?
by Drey J October 11, 2008
when its so cold out, and you ejaculate, the skeet freezes on the head of your dick.
Tyrone: Man, it's so cold I'mma bout to have a brainfreeze
Alan: Me and Shawna were having sex in the park last night, and I brainfreezed it was so cold.
by Jonathan Shaw March 02, 2008

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