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This refers to a person's head, usually in a crude or uncomplimentary way. A berk's noggin or (rarely) a desktop computer's tower.
"Go soak your brain-box" is a suggestion to go drown yourself in a bucket. "He banged his brain-box on it" means a berk finally figured something obvious out.
by Erin Montgomery May 01, 2010
Another word used to describe the head.
Ben Lee will punch a bitch in the brain box.
by Cody McCoy aka Daddy August 27, 2006
Someone who is of above-average intelligence.
"So Ned totally aced his comp-sci 322 exam without even studying. Dude's a total brain-box."
by postModern Savage July 07, 2006
In plannar language, brainbox means a talking head.
Hey, quit rattling your brainbox!
by Dennis April 10, 2003
Slang term for skull. A simplistic, yet wholly accurate account of the skull and its function, i.e. a container for one's brain.
Referring to a headache: "Man, I've got so much pain in my brainbox right now, I don't think an Advil's gonna cut it."
by Rumer November 30, 2009
An idiot, moron, or bufoon
Chistian is such a brainbox
by Anonymous October 05, 2003