(verb)a blow to the head, either intentional or unintentional, which may be self inflicted.
My head hurt when I brained myself on that low doorway.
by melancholycoconut March 05, 2006
a girl wearing a miniskirt so short you can practically see up to her brain
The entire world saw Lindsay's, Britney's, and Paris's brains this past year.
by ...<@!+Y March 19, 2007
to give someone a blow-job
i'm going to brain him
by seres August 06, 2005
the lights of a car
Young buc(G-Unit): /I bought me an old school(truck) and blew off the brains/
by beezy November 30, 2003
Something you lack if you have to type it on this website.
You don't have a brain
by 2Kewl4u February 28, 2015
a thing in your head that %99.9999 of people don't have
I have a Brain

no you just don't.
by fasdfadfs February 20, 2015

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