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a sudden burst of intuitive insight based on random memories; a quick, but bright idea for an immediate resolution to whatever problem the thinker is in. Jimmy Neutron is most known for having brain blasts.
(Crocker has taken over Fairy World)
Jimmy: They're really upset. Maybe these ARE more than just holograms. That means, if they disappear, they're gone for good. I can't let that happen! I've got to do something! But, what? Come on! Think... think... THINK...
Vision of Mr. Turner: Hey, Timmy, are you ready for the big science fair?
Vision of A.J. and clones: (laughing maniacally)
Vision of wand: (floats by)
by DanMat6288 December 17, 2004
A brain blast is when you go in for brain surgery and while the doctor has your head cut open, ejaculates into your brain.
Also when you shove your penis so far up someone's nose and jizz, it touches their brain.
I went in to get brain surgery and when I woke up I realized I had a brain blast!

Anthony's girlfriend Tiffany wanted oral, but he instead gave her a brain blast!
by Fat Librarian September 16, 2015
To get your brain blasted by sound waves emiting from your headphones/ earphones.
Ugh! That scary pop-up gave me a brain blast!
by Dewott January 16, 2012
When you put your dick up a girls nose all the way to her brain, and then you nut on her brain aka a brain blast
Wayne says " hey, james your girl wanted it up the nose, so i gave her a brain blast last night"
by Weezy17 April 01, 2009

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