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Brage, To brage. When the object inserted is larger then the place of insertion. Especially used in porn and with other analenthusiasts. But could also be used in daily actions
"He would like to try analsex, but there was a brage"

"There was a brage when they tried to get everybody in the car"
by Frank Chob February 04, 2008
A dude that has the male version of PMS ( Scientifically proven look it up ) but gets extremely mad or upset because of it due to the increase of hormones at the time.
Stay away from him today he has brage. He is so braggeing right now.
by Breaking_Sad November 20, 2015
noun. short for web rage; physical assault in the real world fueled by anger on the internet
The first person to be charged with a brage attack was sentenced to two and a half years today. After two men exchanged insults in an internet chatroom, one enraged man traced the other man's home address, drove 70 miles armed with a pickax handle and knocked on the man's door. When the man came to the door armed with a knife, the assailant beat him severely before disarming him and cutting him with his own knife.
by Swims November 20, 2006
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