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a family that is so seemingly unrealistically perfect that it's sickening
I heard they actually discuss their problems at the dinner table - they're like the freakin' Brady Bunch!
by sweetblood October 26, 2005
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The Bradys. Three boys, three girls, and two parents.
"Check it out! It's the BRADY family! Gee, there's certainly a BUNCH of them."
by SuperSonicX June 03, 2005
I admit, Cindy Brady was annoying, Greg Brady was a freakin' square, and the youngest boy was such a nonentity that I can't even remember his damn name! However, Jan and Marcia were sexy as all hell, and Peter Brady was a muthafuckin P-I-M-P! Peter Brady is such a PIMP he's dating a model HALF HIS MUTHA FUCKIN AGE! Peter Brady such a Pimp, he goes to a strip club and the ladies pay him to take his shirt off! Peter Brady is my hero!
"The Brady Bunch" should be re-named "The Christopher Knight Show."
by The Deuce December 16, 2005
When your entire family consisting of large number of people show up at the same time and make a lot of noise.
I was having a relaxing dinner when the entire brady bunch showed up and stressed me out.
by Marty James 123 February 08, 2012
sex with more than 4 people
wow man we were having a great time then when the others came in it just became a brady bunch
by rico suave April 19, 2005
An old TV series that revolved mainly around Tom Brady and his family.
In one episode of the Brady Bunch, Mike Brady disguised himself as Jesus H Christ and battled against Colin Mochrie.
by Fifi McFeef October 05, 2007
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