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An old TV series that revolved mainly around Tom Brady and his family.
In one episode of the Brady Bunch, Mike Brady disguised himself as Jesus H Christ and battled against Colin Mochrie.
by Mewtwo October 05, 2007
a family that is so seemingly unrealistically perfect that it's sickening
I heard they actually discuss their problems at the dinner table - they're like the freakin' Brady Bunch!
by sweetblood October 26, 2005
The Bradys. Three boys, three girls, and two parents.
"Check it out! It's the BRADY family! Gee, there's certainly a BUNCH of them."
by SuperSonicX June 03, 2005
I admit, Cindy Brady was annoying, Greg Brady was a freakin' square, and the youngest boy was such a nonentity that I can't even remember his damn name! However, Jan and Marcia were sexy as all hell, and Peter Brady was a muthafuckin P-I-M-P! Peter Brady is such a PIMP he's dating a model HALF HIS MUTHA FUCKIN AGE! Peter Brady such a Pimp, he goes to a strip club and the ladies pay him to take his shirt off! Peter Brady is my hero!
"The Brady Bunch" should be re-named "The Christopher Knight Show."
by The Deuce December 16, 2005
When your entire family consisting of large number of people show up at the same time and make a lot of noise.
I was having a relaxing dinner when the entire brady bunch showed up and stressed me out.
by Marty James 123 February 08, 2012
bounch of stupid white people
who thats a freaking brady bunch
by rico suave April 19, 2005
sex with more than 4 people
wow man we were having a great time then when the others came in it just became a brady bunch
by rico suave April 19, 2005