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A hood on the east side of Pittsburgh where shits really real.
"Yo whre you from cuz?"

"Braddock nigga!"
by shag-LOCC September 28, 2007
30 8
One of the coolest and sweetest guys you'll ever meet. They're random as ever, but someone you'd love to be around all the time. Real caring and listens to what you have to say.

He'll make you smile even when you're at you're worst, and he's the guy you'd want to keep around forever. They aren't afraid to speak their mind and they'll tell you what's up.
That's Braddock. Most AMAZING guy you'll meet!
by xiTwiggy December 27, 2010
18 3
Usually a dumb white boy with lots of acne and is from Michigan. He is known to masturbate to a lot of Japanese pornography. He has no friends and is usually considered mentally challenge or socially challenged. He looks as if he has a mixture of down syndrome and herpes and many other STDs. He has a disorder known as pearly penile pa pules which is a penis disorder where he grows many white bumps on his small penis.
" he is such an ugly braddock''

'' Eww his penis looks like Braddock''
by John lajola November 16, 2011
6 10
A general internet lurker, Never seems to have anything to do..... Often found eating cheese.
"Matt, why is there cheese in my keyboard?" "Oh I think Braddock's been on your computer again"
by Johnathon Smith September 09, 2006
2 15