Brad is a guy that is just perfect in every single way. He's sweet, fun to be around, shy at first but then he opens up and then he can be a little wild. He makes an amazing boyfriend, and he isn't someone that you wanna loose. You will wanna stay with this guy for the rest of your life, He will just make you feel wanted and loved to every degree. If you loose him, it won't be easy. You won't be able to get this guy out of your mind, EVER. From first glance, when you look into those beautiful eyes, you will be shot with one of Cupid's arrows and it will be worth it. He will be worth every single thing you have to go through. You know why? Because before you know it, he will be all that matters to you. If you loose him, you will feel like you are drowning inside and you just cant breath. But he will still be worth it. Honestly. No matter what comes between you and him, you will always want to be with him, because without him.... your world will be torn into pieces with you unable to pick them up. He will be the only one to fix your broken heart, if he chooses. It wont be easy to be with a Brad. But I Promise. HE IS WORTH IT ALL!
Brad is just the Best thing in the world. <3
by shish.swash. xD September 12, 2012
Top Definition
an amazing person, who will always treat you great no matter what happens, who will love you unconditionally, acts like a crazy little kid sometimes, and is the most loving and caring person in the world!!!!! and is great in bed!!!
i heard tiff is dating brad now, she says he is the most amazing guy she has ever met!!
by <3tiffy bear<3 March 02, 2009
Is known to be the ultimate sex machine. It's common to share his crazy sex stories to his friends. This sounds like torture, but it's actually entertaining when you meet a Brad. They usually play guitar really really really good, and know every single definition of every word on urban dictionary without having to look it up.
-"Hey you wanna hook up?"

-"Wait, aren't you a Brad?"


by NatalieUNDEROATH August 23, 2008
Derived from Brad Pitt. Sexy male that encourages female wet dreams.
adj. that guy is so Brad.
verb. (female) that guy just made me Brad on the spot.
by brad_Z April 16, 2006
The guy everyone judges before they know him. The name of a person who is out going and is never given a chance. The guy who you can fight with and he still won't stop being your friend.
Ti: Your a dick Brad! Brad: Yea so? still gonna hang here.
by [Brad] January 20, 2009
An overall amazing guy. He is sexy and sweet. The perfect boyfriend and comrade. He loves to get drunk, but doesn't get mean. He is amazing in bed or wherever he chooses. He is difficult to deal with sometimes, but you can never stay upset because of the love you have for him. He tends to say things that make no sense, but it just adds to his charm.
She is so lucky to be dating Brad, he's amazing!
by LuckyGirlfriend November 12, 2010
Brad is the name of a really awesome person, he is probly from a small town that nobody has heard of.. like Adel, GA and likes to get drink and hang with his clique.
O shit.. act like a G, Brad is comin!
by JBWebb October 15, 2008
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