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issues with your bra.
unhookes, straps hanging off etc."man i am having brablems today"
by kaylina February 12, 2008
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The name of a situation in which the bra is uncomfortably positioned.
*Wrenches at shirt* Sorry, I'm having a bit of a brablem.
by HowToCatchShadows February 24, 2009
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an obsticle of frustration and difficulty in the attempt to remove a lady's undergarments.
Dude 1: So how did last night go?

Dude 2: ... I had a little brablem.
by Freddy J Barrett October 19, 2003
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an issue or discomfort resulting from a bra malfunction
Person 1: I was late to work because I had trouble getting the back of my bra snapped shut.

Person 2: Sounds like you had a brablem.
by therary April 15, 2011
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