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The literal pronunciation of the internet acronym, BRB. Ironically it is shorter to say than the already abbreviated set of words.
Kevin: "Yo, where you be goin' bitch?"

Cindy: "Brab. I need to shit a toaster."
by venomconfection7 July 20, 2009
A word to use in place of any other, to humorous effect. Can mean anything you want, and can serve as a placeholder for any other word.
In other brab news, I heard that they're now selling brab with free tacos on the side now. So that's good.

In the beginning there was nothing. Then the Pinecone said; "Let there be BRAB!"
by Honoka September 03, 2009
-noun- Acronym for "Beat Raw And Bust", A female that is so phat and cute that a male would have no problem with fucking raw and busting a nut inside. Her beautiful qualities are good enough to where one would not be blown if she got pregnant.

A girl so tight that condoms are not even a thought.
We went to the club last night and there were about 10 or 12 BRABs in that jont.

Dam, look at youngin over there, she a brab like shit!

Hey Cuz, look at that Brab, who would even waist the time to open the condom wrapper on that one.
by K.I.P January 26, 2007
(verb): to suck massive cock
Yesterday i was soo b-rab, i was pimp, pimp, pimp...pimp pimp

by cincinnati June 17, 2008
Second-class citizen to an A-rab. Usually a woman.
Look at that B-rab over there wearing robes that cover her whole body ... i bet her A-rab husband beats her if she doesn't cook and clean everyday. I feel sorry for her!
by UrbanPrick November 20, 2009
one of those pointless and meaningless words used in group conversations. Particulary effective when the group conversation has just died and the word Brab is spammed non stop. A super Brab is performed when used with nudges.
by sid and flo's mogging co. August 24, 2007
derogatory name for a crips gang member. the word is dierrived from crab but in blood slang with the c replaced with a b.
" y'all be so quick to set trip on each other while the brabs is gettin fat and stuntin on us."

" hold my set down, let no brabs by me brib"

" some brabs got knocked on gun charges last night"
by Hrod November 09, 2005