Something which is Bras.
Hooded assaliant: Ahhh dat something is well bras blud
Polyestered assaliant: Tru dat Omri Tru dat
by Bling Crosby October 14, 2004
faggy southern california slang for brother or bro. typically used when greeting, conversing and or ass tapping.
like, sup bra-totally awesome weather were having, rightt bra?
by keezie November 21, 2007
From the Transylvanian word "Abraculo". Also derived from bro. Meaning comrade, supporter, best friend, twinkie.
Hey bra, wanna go to the UC?
I miss my bra.
I'm saggy without my bra.
by Alice aka A-Bra February 16, 2005
- a male feminist
- a man who is pro feminism
"Man look at that guy talking about women's rights, he's such a fuckin bra!"
by Robb Ellison (and Ali Kisswani) February 21, 2007
a girl who's like one of the guys, the girl version of bro
joe: sup bra?
ally: not much dude
by zooeyville January 04, 2009

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