1. BPC or Black Plastic Crap. Any audio and video electronics made with poor quality materials and craftsmanship often housed in cheap black plastic casing.

2. Wal-mart grade products.
That stereo system is BPC!
by Trancer88 July 27, 2009
Top Definition
Stands for "Beyond the Point of Caring"; created by Patrick Wang at UCSD class of 09. Can be used a description of a person's attitude in general or toward a certain subject.
-I'm bpc.

-I'm so bpc for that midterm and school in general, let's go play some Neverwinter Nights 2.
by Tim Liu November 21, 2006
The backpack crew outta the 918

they be whoopin peoples ass
they always were backpacks

and theyre all sexy
mane i just got my ass beat by B.P.C
by BPC ALLDAY June 19, 2009



A Cliterous So large It resembles A baby penis
look how fat that girls pussy is ... she probably has a BPC
by SirCorrea October 24, 2010
the coolest kids in the 817. usually hate everyone but they're small group of 5. loves mcdonalds and sonic drinks, usually can be found all together hanging out at the mcchevron, drives 99.9% of the time. takes hella a lot of pictures. weekends consists of breaking curfews and sleepovers. usually all have "bpc represent" on the back of their cars.
a: "I saw the bpc kids today driving."
b: "how'd do you know it was them ?"
a: "it said bpc represent on the back of their cars."
a: "no, they hate you."
by geeetsillybitcheZ July 10, 2008
Beautiful Peoples Club, if something is described as being BPC that means its hot, attractive, something to be desired. A person can be a member or an action or article can be described as BPC
Her outfit might be BPC but chasing after that guy is definitely not!
by penabka April 22, 2005
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